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    Transform your space into a living, breathing and environment

Sunshine Coast Indoor Plant Hire

Freshen the Impression is a plant hire and maintenance service covering the whole of the Sunshine Coast from Morayfiled to Noosa heads. We specialise in creating clean, green and fresh environments for your office, showroom, display home, hotel, resort or for your next event no matter how small or large.

As a locally owned and operated business for 18 years, we understand our local conditions and know how to best respond to your needs where ever you are located. We also offer a commercial outdoor landscape maintenance service which compliments and synchronises with our indoor service.

Transform your space!

Transform your space into a living, breathing, environment friendly people friendly space.


Transform your workplace, improve your environment instantly and it is all a Tax Deduction !


Short term hires of beautiful green plants for all your special occasions and events.

Resorts | Clubs | Hotels

Weekly or fortnightly visits to maintain the health and vitality of plants or swap them with our large range of fresh stock

Display homes

Clinch the deal by giving your property that green edge!

Plants make homes, workplaces and public spaces healthier by creating  fresher environments by helping to purify and revitalise the air we breathe. Plants metabolise pollutants, they literally cleanse the air we breathe.
Interior plants absorb and reflect background noise in buildings, making the environment more comfortable for the occupants.
Just viewing plants and gardens generally improve the feeling of well being, create a balanced working climate and thereby support good motivation. Help your customers and clients to feel more relaxed by providing them a softer greener environment.

Good Business Sense

Hiring your plants makes good business sense. Many companies have fallen into the trap of paying a fortune for expensive plants only to see them wither and die within weeks. Looking after those plants that survive takes up hours of valuable staff time.
Hiring your plants from Sunshine Coast Indoor Plant Hire will save you time, money and worry. We supply and maintain the plants and containers for a fraction of the cost of buying your own. Plus all of the costs can be claimed as office maintenance at the end of the year.

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