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kentia-palmKentia Palm

This is a Kentia Palm. It is an Australian native palm occurring naturally on Lord Howe Island. A truly regal palm and will grow to 3 metres inside. This is a Golden Cane Palm. Often referred to as the “butterfly palm” because of its growth pattern. It is native to Madagascar. It is a popular, well loved indoor plant.

Ficus BurgundyFicus elastica “Burgundy”

This is a Ficus elastica “Burgundy”. It is native from India to Malaysia. It is a man made cultivar of the old standard Rubber Plant.

Dracaena Janet CraigDracaena Janet Craig

This is a Dracaena Janet Craig, native to tropical Africa. It grows very well in low light and needs very little water. NASA lists this plant among its top ten clean air plants.

Dracaena deremensis

This is a Dracaena deremensis, native to Africa. A striking plant with their various leaf patterns complementing and overlapping one another. Water with non-fluoridated water as they are sensitive to fluoride.

Raphis palm

This is a raphis palm, native to south-east China. It is a slow growing plant with its rich, dark green foliage and full lush growth habit make it a special plant with a unique character. Vibrant living interior plants improve air quality. Plants diffuse noise and boost morale and productivity.

Dracaena “Sierra Leone” (Japanese Bamboo)

This is a Dracaena “Sierra Leone” (Japanese Bamboo). A very rare and undervalued indoor plant. Requires a bright environment and needs very little water. When it is happy it will provide clumps of delicate white flowers.

Spathiphyllum wallisii (Peace lilly/Madonna lilly)

Spathiphyllum wallisii (Peace lilly/Madonna lilly), native to tropical regions of the Americas A fantastic indoor plant with shiny, glossy leaves and will produce a white flower head in an ideal location. DO NOT expose to full sunlight. NASA lists this plant among its top ten clean air plants.


Bromeliads are one of the best tropical plants to grow inside. The flowers will last three months or more and require very little water. Bromeliads will reproduce rapidly by producing “pups” at the base of the mother plants. They will thrive in high humidity unless us mere humans.


Anthuriums enjoy mild climates and shady spots. They require regular feeding to promote healthy new foliage and keep disease at bay.

Dracaena Sanderiana (Water Bamboo or lucky bamboo)

Dracaena Sanderiana (Water Bamboo or lucky bamboo). This plant symbolizes good luck. It can bring fortune and prosperity. It is readily used to improve the Feng Shui of certain areas. It is a Chinese tradition and the practice of feng shui hold that different numbers of stalks direct good energy to various aspects of an individual’s life. This remarkable sturdy little plant will grow as well in water as in soil.

Do the number of bamboo stalks have meaning?
YES! Chinese numbers are either Yin (even numbers) or Yang (odd numbers. The Yang or odd numbers are considered the most fortunate of all. The total number of stalks in your Lucky Bamboo arrangements is very significant. The explanations show below are for the Prevailing/Growing Cycle of Yin and Yang. Meaning of “YIN” numbers: Yin represents the feminine side – it embodies the nurturing nature of earth. Yin is “fluid” in that it contracts and condenses, sensitive to changing temperatures, atmosphere, sensitive to emotions. It represents also the passive side of nature such as dark, cold and wet. Meaning of “YANG” numbers: If you have a feminine side, you gotta have the male side to go with it. Yang represents the masculine side of nature. It expands, representing activity such as light, heat, and aridity. Yang stands for living, life, action. Yang is the bringer of life – in human form, masculinity is responsible for planting life in Yin; thus Yin is the nurturer providing the necessary elements for life to grow and protecting it.
2 = Double luck, happy relationships; good number.
4 = Academic achievement, creativity, writing, Romance
6 = Easy money, wealth, good flow of luck.
8 = Good luck and fertility.
10 = Completeness and fulfillment in life.
1 = Simplicity and a meaningful life.
3 = Good for prosperity and fertility. If used with a curly (money) stalk in the middle, it means wealth
5 = Happiness, good and balanced luck in all aspects of life.
7 = Good luck and prosperity in relationships.

Dracaena Massangeana (Happy plants)

Dracaena Massangeana (Happy plants) are wonderful plants native to China. They thrive in low light conditions and a mature plant will provide a stem of white extremely fragrant flowers. It is said to bring good luck to have a happy plant flower inside.

Epipremnum aureum (Pothis Ivy)

Epipremnum aureum (Pothis Ivy) is a versatile attractive plant that can be trained to grow up a totem pole or cascade in a hanging basket. It is a versatile, easy to care for plant that is extremely attractive.


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